.02 The Team



Photographer for Nu2



Photographer for Nu2 Montreal

Are you interested in getting great pictures worthy of a work of art, get in touch with one of our studios!


.03 The Concept

Located in Old Montreal and in the city of Vancouver, known as the cradle of art, Nu2 is offering you is art and technology to make you live a unique artistic experience.

Photographers will capture your beauty in all respect and trust. You alone decide the level of nakedness with which you are comfortable. Following the session, your photo will be artistically enhanced so as to make a unique and eternal creation.

.04 About Us

The doors of great photography were created in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The creation of the "Nu2" collection in 2009, enabled customers to better satisfy their needs of refinement. The new "Nu2" collection also has the important advantage of being virtually impossible to copy by its competitors, confined in their usual niche of realistic photographs. Quality guarantee satisfaction!

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Get upclose and personal with one of the artistic subjects and experience her moments that were captured in an image !

Contact Information

Marché Bonsecours
350 Saint Paul Est, Montreal - Local 216, QC
Phone: 514.439.1067